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Energen offers customized service packages tailored to meet our partner's needs. Each service package may contain one or more of the following:

Utility Bill Auditing

Our Audit Program is an analytical review, audit and collection process of overpayments to utility suppliers as a result of billing errors, payment errors, inaccurate meter readings, incorrect tariff rates, pricing errors, neglected discounts, erroneously paid taxes and related errors.

Utility Rate Analysis and Tariff Verification

Our Utility Rate Analysis and Tariff Verification will ensure that all of your facilities and utility accounts are being billed correctly and at the least expensive rate. The utility suppliers are under no obligation to bill you at the lowest or best rate. They offer a large variety of services and tariff options, but it is the responsibility of the consumer to determine and apply for the most favorable rate.

Energy Procurement and Deregulation Consulting

Our Program will review all existing and pending savings opportunities that have emerged in today’s "deregulated" utility marketplace, i.e., Customer Choice Programs, Electric Choice Programs, Aggregation, "special" contracts, economic development contracts, etc.

Service includes RFQ preparation, evaluation of suppliers and contracts, and enrollment services. Follow-up includes verification of supply contracts and Savings Reports that will identify actual savings.

Utility Bill Payment and Processing

Our Utility Bill Payment Service will provide a complete Bill Processing, Presentment and Payment Service whereby Energen Inc. will directly receive the monthly utility bills and provide accurate and timely information processing of the bills. The bills are aggregated for payment either through secure data uploads to your General Ledger A/P system or through ACH transfers.

Our Program reduces direct labor and overhead costs associated with processing complicated utility and supply bills, while reducing energy costs through our rigorous monthly Energy Cost Reduction Services.

  • Outsource utility bill processing to reduce direct labor and overhead expenses
  • Receive one monthly consolidated bill for all utilities
  • Enhanced savings from ongoing Energy Procurement and Utility Rate Audit and Analysis
  • Web-based Reporting / Secure internet connection
  • Custom-designed Energy and Savings Reports on the Website
  • Benchmarking for Energy Efficiency Projects

Proprietary USA Utility Savings Analysis Software

  • Proprietary Software is the Ideal Solution to Manage and Control Energy and Utility Costs
  • USA can manage an unlimited number of meters, facilities, energy records, and other account information.
  • Creates and Maintains comprehensive Energy Data Bases.
  • Tracks Energy Cost and Consumption.
  • Energy Reports - standard or user-customized.
  • Rate Analysis / Savings Analysis / Savings Verification
  • Manages and Tracks energy supply contracts
  • National Rate Library
  • The Aggregator feature will analyze consumption, load profiles, load factors, etc. for optimal energy purchases

Energy Information Services

Our energy databases and reports will provide a comprehensive, site-specific information system including a record of service addresses, account numbers, utility suppliers, metered usage, metered demand, billed usage, meter-reading periods, total costs, etc. Custom Energy Reports can include Cost/Sq. Ft., Cost/Usage by Region, Average Costs, Rankings, Exception Reports, Load Factor Reports, etc. - essential information in managing and controlling energy costs.

Proven Services to Reduce Energy and Utility Expenses

  • Rebate Recovery for Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Telecommunications Auditing
  • Demand Side Management Projects
  • Energy Efficient Lighting

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